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[Yeah, he was definitely challenged by Sena to a video game challenge. Not that he didn't exactly mind it, he was...just sorta out of practice with the whole "playing video games" aspect part of it. Even more so that he didn't know what the hell she was choosing in the first place.

...but he couldn't exactly lose this in the first place, so he's going to try his best to actually learn what she's trying to pull on him, and see if he can beat her in her own game.

Which is why he's chilling in his room, waiting for the girl to actually come and pull him into her own world.]
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"Ciaossu! If you got to this, means I'm out at practice or I'm at the batting cage. Ask whatever you want, I'll be sure to get back in the meantime! See ya!"

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Feb. 10th, 2013 08:56 pm
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Player nickname: Kyou
Player DW: heyzizzle
Way to contact you:
Email: heyzizzle@gmail.com
AIM: n/a
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] heyzizzle
Other: n/a
Are you at least 15?: Y
Current Characters: n/a

Character: Souhei "Sasayan" Sasahara
Fandom: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Sasayan's wikia entry

Tonari wiki entry

Not much is known about Sasayan's past, other then the fact that he went to the same middle school as the male protagonist, Haru, claiming that he "owes him". He had also asked out a girl in middle school after hearing rumors that she had a crush on him. However, after a while, the girl dumped him, and Sasayan had no romance beyond that point. In high school, he's on the baseball team, and popular with the students around him, but eventually stuck with the group of Haru, Shizuku, and Natsume.

Sasayan's known to have a pretty cheerful demeanor, noting the fact that he's popular around the other students, so he's known to have people flock to him. Being the popular guy that he is, he's usually seen surrounded by his team mates from the baseball team, or with his friends Yoshida Haru, Mizutani Shizuku, and Asako Natsume. He's also pretty knowledgable in baseball, seeing as how he's a prominent member of the team. When it comes to friends, he's known to easily get along with others, along with making friends on the fly, seeing as how he was able to convince give advice to Shizuku on their first encounter, and how he can talk to Natsume with ease, not causing her to freak out. Being more of an observer rather than a leader, Sasayan's ability to read a situation and people surpasses others, as he's the one that is able to give out advice on the fly, concerning anything. It also shows his great care for his friends, taking the opportunity to help out a hefty situation whenever he can, whom he's not afraid to cheer on.

He's also the most level-headed out of his group, not getting too mad or irritated whenever a rude comment is passed off. Because of this, he's extremely passive to the point where he would help someone out, but if a fight breaks out, he will grab the person involved and leave on the fly, evidenced when he threw a shopping basket at someone's face, but running away afterwards. He's never been in a fight before, and never intends to get thrown into one. He's also known to take the easy way out of any situation, deciding not to confront anything, like his feelings concerning Natsume. Instead of tackling the problem head on, he decides to ignore it for a while, not wanting to believe it to be true. However, he's eventually grown to confront things he normally wouldn't have in the past.

Academically speaking, Sasayan manages to keep up with his grades, not being smart, but not being dumb, either. When it comes to that, he usually asks Haru and Shizuku to help him out, eventually working it out for himself. If needed, he can also help out with studying, but it isn't quite to the same degree as others. That being said, he's able to barely pass exams.

Sasayan can get quite irritated and blunt to a degree, especially with Natsume. He goes out to even call her stupid for thinking that he had a crush on her. But this is because he still means well. He's not one to just insult person on the spot, there's reasons for him doing the things he does; if it means to get someone to realize a flaw that they have, he won't be afraid to point it out. But, again, this adds to his hypocrisy of his own personality of not wanting to face anything and taking the easy way out.

In short, Sasayan is your energetic popular guy, finding joy in hanging out with other people, and participating in after school activities. But for some reason, he tends to stick to the same group. Even if it's a stranger he hardly knows, he'll go out of his way to offer them advice, help them out with a situation, or offering them a ride (on his bike, of course). In terms of humor, he's able to joke around with the most mature of things, being that he is a little bit on the mature side. He doesn't like to get too dressed up for things, but when the occasion calls, he'll do what he can in order to fit the quota. He gets along with anyone, but can show signs of hostility towards those that mistreat others. If caught in a quarrel, he'll do his best to stay out of it. Although being awfully cheery, there are times where he shows signs of sadness, and sympathy towards another, but eventually resumes his normal demeanor.

Other: He was the one who named Haru's rooster.

Additional Links: n/a

First Person:

tag session with natsume


[Bzt, the camera flickers on, and here you can see the spikey haired boy with a big grin plastered on his face, waving into the camera.]

Ciaossu! I'm pretty new to this stuff, so I had to ask Natsume-san on how to make these internet blogs, or vlogs, if you're internet savvy like her. [He only sticks out his tongue and laughs.] Hey, can't blame me if I can't find something to talk about!

But anyways, how's it going? My name is Souhei Sasahara, but my friends call me "Sasayan", so you can call me that. Apparently I'm supposed to talk about my real life situations, as told by Natsume, so...

Heh, my friends Mizutani-san and Yoshida are always in little spats, you know, and I always find myself giving advice to Yoshida. Although, it bothers me how overly obsessed he is with her, despite not actually knowing her, if you know what I'm saying. Ah, they just need to see each other on the same level, you know?

Speaking of crushes, I still can't believe Natsume-san likes that guy, tch. Man, if I lost to that, then I really have no hope. Ah well, she's too air-headed, so hopefully she comes to her senses soon enough...

[Ring ring goes the telephone, as Sasayan picks it up.]

...yeah? Sure, that sounds nice. Alright, catch ya later! [Click.]

That was Yoshida right now, looks like he's having trouble again. I guess I'll catch you guys later.

[And just like that, the feed cuts off.]

Third Person:

"Yo, I'm heading home, alright? See you guys later!"

Sasayan waves to the rest of the guys of the team, walking away and stretching himself out. Whoo, that was quite the practice, he hadn't been working out that hard in a while, but it was nice, to say the least. Walking home, he could feel the cold embrace from the winter atmosphere. Ah man, it would be nice to walk home with a friend right now, but instead he just shrugs and continues his trek.

While walking, his mind drifts away, thinking about his interactions with the rest of his friends. The whole "Yoshida-Mizutani" love quarrel was up again, with him again observing. He's still finding it hard that the two haven't accepted each other for who they really are, but then again, beggars can't be choosers, he supposes. His pocket vibrates, and checking it out, it looks as though it's a text from Yoshida.

"Man, looks like he can't catch a break. He'll come around soon, though, I know he will." A smile appears on his face as he replies. Speaking of crushes, he opens his phone, and texts Natsume, wondering if she wanted to go grab something to eat once he drops his stuff off at home.

Finally stuffing the phone back in his pocket, he looked at his breath in the cold air. "It hasn't been this cold in a while. I wish we could go skiing again, but then again..." He shudders, remembering the argument he had with Natsume. "...little brat. Why can't she see it like me?" He frowns, but shakes it off, before checking his phone to see the reply.

"...heh." Looks like he'll be seeing her soon. Might as well run home and put his stuff away.


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